Society of Asian Pacific (SOAP) Central Coast

Good times at our Edogawa Commemorative Garden


One of the greatest attractions on the Central Coast is an everlasting gift from our sister city of Edogawa Japan. The Edogawa Commemorative Garden was officially opened in September 1994 and has been designed in accordance with the original principles of the Japanese Heian (700AD) period. It has a tea house and fish feeding pavilion, a dry stone garden, timber footbridges, wisteria pergola and plantings of pines, maples, cherries, azaleas, lotus and water lilies.

The garden is located in Webb Street East Gosford and entry is free. 

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SOAP Central Coast is saddened by the recent passing of Malcolm Brooks OAM. Malcolm is well known throughout the Central Coast community. Born and raised in Gosford, he was proud to call the Central Coast home for his 90 years. Malcolm was a seasoned traveller, local councillor and state politician, former Mayor and Rotarian. He was a remarkable and generous man and will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers go to Tricia and all the family and Malcolm's many friends.

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Malcolm Brooks OAM was a strong advocate of the sister city relationship and a great supporter of SOAP Central Coast. Malcolm was president of the Gosford/Edogawa Sister City Committee from 2009. He made many friends in Edogawa, none moreso than former Mayor of Edogawa Masami Tada.


Mountain Day, also known as 'Yama no hi', is Japan's newest public holiday. In 2020, Yama no hi will be celebrated as a public holiday on 10 August. It's intended to provide 'opportunities to get familiar with mountains and appreciate blessings from mountains'. The holiday was established after the Japanese Alpine Club and other groups lobbied for it, arguing that Japan, where Shinto beliefs in nature have shaped the culture, should celebrate its peaks and mountains. Around 70% of the landmass of Japan is mountainous, and activities such as hiking and skiing are popular.