Central Coast Australia and Edogawa City Japan

The Central Coast of New South Wales has one sister city with Japan. The Mayors of Gosford City and Edogawa City signed their Sister City Agreement in 1988 and the relationship is strong and prosperous.


Edogawa City is situated at the eastern edge of Tokyo. It is a waterfront city surrounded by the Arakawa and Nakagawa Rivers to the west, the Edogawa and Kyu-Edogawa Rivers to the east and Tokyo Bay to the south. Seven rivers run through the city, with a combined total length of 45 kilometres. It has a lush natural environment rich in water and greenery. Edogawa City covers 49 square kilometres and boasts a population of about 680,000.














The area previously known as Gosford City covers an area of 1,029 square kilometres, with the Tasman Sea to the east, Hawkesbury River to the south, the Judge Dowling Range to the west and Cessnock and Wyong Shires create the northern boundary. It has a population of approximately 165,000. The city's natural environment includes beaches, waterways, wetlands, national parks, bushlands and mountains. Residents enjoy a relaxed lifestyle while still being close to the City of Sydney.