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Cherry Blossom


Cherry blossom is an amazing time of the year in Japan. It may only last a couple of weeks but its beauty remains in your memory for a very long time. The date for cherry blossom depends on where you are in Japan.

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2020 special dates 

Australia and Japan (J)


1 January  - New Year's Day

13 January - Coming of Age Day (J)

26 January - Australia Day

11 February - National Foundation Day (J)

23 February - Emperor's Birthday (J)

10-13 April Easter

25 April - Anzac Day

29 April - Showa Day (J) 

3 May - Constitution Memorial Day (J) 

4 May - Greenery Day (J)

5 May - Children's Day (J)

8 June - Queen's Birthday Holiday

23 July - Marine / Sea Day (J)

24 July - Sports Day (J)

Early August - Edogawa Fireworks Festival (J)

10 August - Mountain Day (J)

21 September - Respect for the Aged Day (J)

5 October - Labour Day Holiday (NSW)

Early October - Edogawa People's Festival (J)

3 November - Culture Day (J)

23 November - Labour Thanksgiving Day (J)

25 December - Christmas Day

26 December - Boxing Day

Mountain Day

In August, Japan celebrates its newest public holiday. It's Mountain Day, also known as 'Yama no hi' and falls on 11 August. The holiday was only introduced in 2016 and is intended to provide 'opportunities to get familiar with mountains and appreciate blessings from mountains'. The holiday was established after the Japanese Alpine Club and other groups lobbied for the bill, arguing that Japan, where Shinto beliefs in nature have shaped the culture, should celebrate its peaks and mountains.